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The attraction of opposites is confirmed in this house by Austin architect Paul Lamb and interior designer Clayton Morgan. The steel, glass, and stucco residence manages to be both extravagant and restrained, minimal and yet maxed out—all in response to the homeowners’ seemingly conflicting tastes. The husband wanted something private and unpretentious to live in. His wife’s exuberance and daring taste meant that restraint and minimalism had to embrace the idea of luxury. The notion would be vital to the couples’ new house, where luxe—edited down to its very essence—is provocatively unavoidable.

Read more about this house in my article for Texas Interiors, a new quarterly publication from Modern Luxury.

The house is symmetrical, with public areas in the middle; dining and kitchen are on the left, and the bedrooms are on the right.

Linen-covered furniture in the living room downplays an otherwise opulent setting.

The 18th-century Italian chandelier catches light from the high oval windows on either side of the living room.

The library doubles as the dining room and can accommodate three tables; it opens onto a courtyard where guests can adjourn to smoke cigars.

There are no frills in this steel-and-marble kitchen.

Pink charmeuse draperies take the place of cabinetry and conceal surprises such as this sleeping nook.

Designer Morgan extended the pink charmeuse theme into the bedroom where it’s used for table skirts and bed linens.

Visual distractions such as thresholds have been dispensed with–all doors extend to the ceiling making this 3000-square-foot house even more grand.

Marble, mirrors, chandeliers, and floor-to-ceiling shower curtains are compellingly swanky in the master bath.

A work station was essential for the husband’s dressing room.

Two Venetian mirrors hung against a mirrored wall expand views in the master bath.

All rooms open onto the back porch and courtyard.

Terraces in the front and back of the house complement Lamb’s classical design, but also serve to control the area’s bad drainage.

Architecture: Paul Lamb

Interior design: Clayton Morgan (512-797-6432)

Landscape: D-Crain

Builder: Don Crowell

Photography by Casey Dunn

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